Paul beheld the great open doors of opportunity that stood before him and the gospel at a time when opposition was at its greatest and personal martyrdom was likely.    We Southern Baptists must open our eyes and behold our great new doors of gospel opportunities in a culture that has seemingly forgotten about God.   This webpage purposes to usher mission-hearted Christians away from the high walls of opposition that surround us to bright doors of divine opportunities that most Christians fail to see and enter.

Successful revolutions require vision, leadership and organization.
Churches of Jesus Christ are called to cancel their charter as Christian clubs and begin to march together in the Revolution that gives hope and then gives life.  For this to happen, Southern Baptists, as a spiritual tribe, will be given special opportunities in the general uprising.

An Open Door for Every Reader

The reader is invited here to examine great doors of gospel opportunity that are swinging open to him or to her in today’s world.  For a single church or organization, these are doors that can lead to the transformation of thousands of lives on foreign mission fields and on the mission field that surrounds the reader’s church and home.

Open Doors to Society

When entering a building, we look for free-swinging doors rather than to break holes in the walls. Going through the doors, we have much freedom in all the house.  Look, children are spiritually much wiser and more open to God than are adults.

God’s Revolutions Begin at the Bottom

For many reasons, God’s Revolutions begin at the bottom and not at the top.   Top-down efforts may bring enforced reformation, but not internal transformation.   Jesus, therefore,  gathered leaders from the bottom rungs of Jewish society rather than from among the established rulers of the nation.

Teams Win the Games

Christian rugged individuals, of whom there are many, have courageous Paul as their special saint.   Many fail to see, however, that Paul was a constant team-builder.  He set the example, always displaying it in the sight of others who helped him and who would soon form teams of their own.

The Church Has the Key

We Southern Baptists rightly admit to many faults.   It is not by accident, however, that God has made us the largest Evangelical denomination in the United States.   We were favored by humble beginnings, have clung to the Bible as our guide, build lives on gospel teaching and preaching, and have learned to cooperate with one another in the task.

Free Disciple-Making Materials

This web page has been completely changed during this month of June.   Within a month’s time, we expect to start posting free access to the disciple-making tools that have made possible the ministries described on this web page.

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